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Character info for dramadramaduck

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This post also serves as a contact/plotting/spam/whatever post, so feel free to use it whenever you want.


site change!

The continuation of this journal at dramadramaduck can be found at nengraphy @ Dreamwidth.


[RL with Kefka]

[there is a loli waiting to be kidnapped on a street in Gotham]

[have fun with that, Kefka]

dropping for now!

This journal is no longer a part of dramadramaduck, so feel free to remove. ♥



SO for all the people who wanted to hop in and ~*rescue*~ Samara from the hospital: how do you guys want to go about doing this (RL/actionspam/assume)? Who do you want to end up actually taking her? She doesn't really care much herself sooooooo.



Anon commenting is ON, and I'm not going to take your crit any less seriously if you decide to take advantage of this (or if you're just a lurker or something)- unless, of course, your purpose for remaining anonymous is to simply bash and offer no advice on how to improve. Concrit isn't trolling in my mind; "LOL GTFO U SUXX0R" is.